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How does pricing work

Biohazard cleaning services are an essential service that is required, but it can also be an expensive one and it is sometimes confusing on how much it will cost and how the pricing works. This blog will provide some details into how we price our jobs at Aftercare Specialist Cleaning and where the money goes.

How does pricing work with biohazard cleaning?

We started as a family run business so we believe that transparency and honesty is key to operating a successful business. So many times in our industry we hear that it can be really challenging to get a price from the biohazard company.

Even when the customer does get a price, it becomes a battle to understand a complicated quote and the costs aren’t really explained, leaving you confused and frustrated! At Aftercare Specialist Cleaning we do our very best to avoid this at all costs! This blog goes through our pricing and also where the money actually goes!

How do I get a price?

Once you have reached out to our friendly team, you will be asked to provide some details of the work you require. Depending on the type of cleaning you require, the next step will happen in one of three ways:

  • Emailing a quote - Sometimes the nature of work can be sensitive, or it can be impossible for you to send photos or access the location for a visit. Therefore, our team will ask some questions and will email you over a quotation for your consideration.

  • Sending photos – Where possible, we will ask for photos of the relevant areas. The reason for this is so we can provide an accurate price for the work required. It is always very useful if we have photos or videos as we can be much for specific with the initial quotation, but we do understand that this is not always possible.

  • Quote visit – In some circumstances, we may ask to carry out a free, no obligation quotation which is usually a 15 minute visit where we can arrive in person to assess the work and provide a quote.

In all options above, you will then receive an email quotation with the price and any additional information to consider. If you have any questions at all, you can call our team at any time who will talk you through it.

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Where does the money go?

This is a very interesting question for our industry as the type of job and price can vary so much! Lets provide some examples to explain: If there is an unattended death at a property where a carpet and underlay is affected by the biohazard, all affected areas would need to be removed. Whilst the removal of the affected areas on the surface wouldn’t be considered a majorly time consuming job, the costs associated with this can be large. The affected items need to be disposed of correctly using the correct certifications to transport the contaminated items. After, the items need to be incinerated to ensure the biohazard is correctly destroyed in a safe manner.

Check out this list of all the potential costs involved with a biohazard cleaning job:

  • Incineration charges
  • Incineration bags and bin charges
  • Waste carriers licence certification
  • High level insurances to cover for the high-risk work involved.
  • Waste disposal costs
  • PPE – We aren’t just talking about paper face masks and latex gloves here! Our team have to carry a full range of PPE ranging from hazmat suits to needle proof attire too!
  • Regular certifications from the training governing body in our industry
  • Memberships to professional standards organisations
  • Staff/ labour charges
  • Vehicle – including insurance, petrol, maintenance
  • Regular ongoing training and certification
  • Marketing costs (website, advertising, business cards, leaflets)
  • Uniforms and lanyards
  • Building rent and charges
  • Products and chemicals
  • Machinery, tools and equipment
  • Skip hire

As you can see from this list, there are quite a few factors that can alter the pricing! With biohazard and trauma specialist clean up services, as it is not a common service someone would require on a regular basis, sometimes people can be shocked at the prices involved, especially in large scale jobs such as extreme hoardings where we will require multiple skips, a number of staff and over multiple days to complete. We always try to be as transparent as possible when it comes to costings so feel free to reach out to our team if you have any questions!

Also, one thing we find very common with pricing is that a lot of people don’t realise the risks involved with dealing with biohazards and hazardous waste. When is comes to services like this, it goes way beyond with what’s involved with a standard general clean. The first and most important reason it differs to standard cleaning services is the risk to your health. When faced with a biohazard or contaminated sharps, the risks can be immense and even life threatening. You could come into contact with dangerous viruses or bacteria that could make you or others extremely ill. This is why PPE (personal protective equipment) is so important! The second reason is that you can be faced with serious consequences and even hefty fines if you do not dispose of waste correctly. The council and government have very strict rules around waste disposal, so it is really important you always hire a professional to handle situations like this.  

Do I have to pay upfront?  

When taking payment, the most common process is that we will take a 50% deposit upfront to secure the date of your booking. This price covers things like the travel, the hire of any skips if needed, any admin charges or any other costs associated with holding the job. The remaining 50% is to be paid after completion. We do also have payment plan options where you can spread the payment at 0% interest (no additional costs) across 3 to 6months *depending* to help break up the cost making it more affordable. If you would be interested or require any other information, please reach out to a member of the team or call us on 0330 118 1019.

We hope this blog has helped to clear up some of the questions surrounding pricing. It can be a challenge, especially in an industry where the risks and different aspects involved can greatly alter the pricing. However, at Aftercare Specialist Cleaning we try to be as clear and upfront as possible with pricing. All of our quotations are completely free of charge and no obligation for you, there is no pressure sales tactics here. Instead, the team are compassionate and will support you through the process providing all the information you need to make sure you are comfortable when choosing to hire us.

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