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About Aftercare

We’re a family business offering sensitive cleans the right way.

The Aftercare Team

Dedicated cleaning staff that stay true to our core values. 
We started as a family run business focused on using those family values to separate us from the industry by delivering a specialist cleaning service with compassion at the core of our customer service. As we have grown our team and operate throughout England and Wales, we have stayed true to these core values in everything we do.


Our clients are often facing challenging and emotional circumstances. So above all else our service relies on empathy, compassion and understanding.


It's important our work is carried out with respect. It's imperative clients feel at ease whilst we are with them without unnecessary attention drawn.


Our work can take its toll on all our stakeholders. We want to ensure that both our clients and staff, get an extra level of support to traditional cleans.


We must engage in efficient processes so that all our clients can adjust to their new circumstances, in a safe environment, as soon as possible.

Meet the Aftercare Team
Specialist Technician
Specialist Technician
Specialist Technician
Trauma Coordinator

Our Promise

We aim to give new life at every opportunity
Our wish is to give you a living tribute when a loved one passes away. A memorial tree is a physical reminder that their legacy continues. Every person we are involved with is unique and special to us, and this is our way of honouring them.

How we work

Your wellbeing is our first priority. No exceptions.

Breathe. There is no rush and there is no pressure sale here. We take a very human approach to our operations and want to work with you, or your organisation to ensure we carry out the job the right way. Just like the way we support our staff as our cleaners often have to witness very distressing and traumatic scenes while maintaining a professional distance and supporting our clients, we also understand our clients wellbeing is important and is considered too.

With the high risk nature of the work we carry out, there is a balancing act between ensuring the job is done safely as well as being aware of the emotions involved. Check out our resources page for more information or get in contact with a member of our team to see how we can support you through this process

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