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The biggest concerns when booking a biohazard cleaning company

No one really expects to be making a call to a biohazard cleaning company in their lifetime to do with an accident, bodily/ blood spill or trauma clean up. No one plans to make that difficult phone call at a trauma time. This isn’t the kind of business card you keep on the fridge door ‘just in case’. However, if you do find yourself in this sensitive position, you want to make sure you are using the best in the business that will help ease the pain and stress of the situation. Our job at Aftercare Cleaning Specialists is to take one less challenge away.

As long-time experts in the industry, we completely understand that you may have some concerns when employing a biohazard cleaning company. Therefore, in this blog we will be sharing some of the biggest concerns to help you through the process.


The biggest concern is cost. A biohazard cleaning service is not a cheap service. Due to the risk involved, there are lots of factors that mean that this service can be quite expensive. This is a big factor to consider and most people don’t realise that most of the time it is the person(s)involved, or next of kin that are liable for any costs. When getting a quote for the work you require, our top tip is to ensure that the company provides a clear breakdown of what is included in the service. It is also worth checking if there are any other costs that could be added on at a later stage; you don’t want to be left with any hidden charges that you weren’t aware of. An example of this would be if a skip is required, check whether you need to pay for this separately or if this is included in your original quote.

So how does the pricing work?

Due to the nature of biohazard cleaning, pricing really varies from situation to situation. Therefore, once we have the details required for the job, we will provide a free no -obligation quotation via email for the specific work that you require. It is always best where we can to see the work that needs to be completed (either in person or via photos) as this will help us to provide a much more accurate price for you.

Is there any financial support?

As a company, we offer different 0% interest finance plans to help manage the costs if required. As standard with every job, we take a 50% upfront deposit and then the rest of the amount is not due until after the work is completed. However, we do also offer monthly payment plans at no additional cost where you can spread the cost over a number of months to easily spread the cost. Not all companies offer this service, but it is always worth checking if companies can provide any financial plans if this is required.

Depending on the situation, if the property is council owned this may be covered via your local council depending on the nature of the work. There may also be local funding you can apply for to help with the costs.

Will homeowners’ insurance cover a biohazard clean?

This can vary greatly depending on your policy so unfortunately we cannot guarantee that this will be covered under your own insurance. However, it is always worth checking with your insurance

provider and Aftercare Cleaning Specialists will do our best to support your claim process with any information you require.


Another big concern for our clients is discretion. It is important our work is carried out with respect and discretion. It is important we understand that this is not a service to shout about, and it is imperative clients feel at ease whilst we are with them without unnecessary attention drawn.

One of the most important elements is using unmarked vehicles. In a trade business, it is common practice to have bold, bright marketing plastered all over your vehicle to attract the attention of potential clients when out on the road. However, with the nature of most of our jobs, we find it is more appropriate to take a more subtle approach and therefore opt for unmarked or discrete vehicles when arriving at the property so as not to draw any unwanted attention.


One of the questions we receive is whether someone must be at the location for the whole time whilst the work is being completed. This all depending on the nature of the work. In most cases, as long as we have the keys to enter the property and instructions to leave the property secure after, you do not need to be at the property, and in some circumstances for example suicides or unattended deaths, it is completely understandable and sometimes unsafe for anyone else other than qualified technicians to be entering the property. However, in other circumstances, such as hoardings or working with vulnerable people where these individuals are unable to leave the property, it is advisable that they remain in the property along with a member of their support team or family to be with them.

Every situation is very unique, so it is best to speak with a member of our team to find out what is most suitable for you and your circumstance to see if anyone needs to be in attendance and arranging access.

empathetic cleaner


As a family run business at the core of our organisation, for us working with a company that shows empathy and compassion is one of the most important factors to consider and is a big concern initially for our clients that we try to sole as soon as we can. In fact, being compassionate and supportive make up part of our brand values so we ensure our customers feel safe and understood when using our services.

From the loss of a loved one, to a traumatic clean up in a commercial space, it's clear our clients are facing challenging and emotional circumstances. So above all else our service relies on compassion, empathy and understanding at every point we engage with them. Therefore, when choosing a biohazard cleaning company, see how they handle the call; do they help answer your questions? Are they helpful with queries you have? At Aftercare Cleaning Specialists, we believe our job is just as much about the customer service as well as the completion of the work provided.

Speed of services

One concern our clients have is how quickly we can attend the property. We understand that in most biohazard and trauma clean-up circumstances, time plays a big factor as the work needs to be carried out as soon as possible. As a company, we must engage in efficient processes so that all our clients can adjust to their new circumstances, in a safe environment, as soon as possible. For most urgent work (such as unattended deaths or bodily fluid removal), we aim to complete the work within 48 hours. We are dedicated to providing emergency rapid response to help your family or business in a crisis. For larger scale jobs, for example hoarding, this process can take longer to complete. We always try to communicate with our clients as best as possible the timescale that we can provide as every job is very different. When choosing a company, have a conversation with them about availability and timescales so you have a clear idea of when they can complete the work for you.

Where does the biohazard waste go?

This is a really important concern our clients face and one that should be considered carefully. Due to the nature of some of the work a biohazard cleaning company provides, this means cleaning, removing and transporting dangerous waste. Many people don’t realise the risks involved with blood and faeces and the harmful pathogens that this contains. Furthermore, hazardous waste needs to be removed, bagged, transported and incinerated correctly in order to properly destroy any contaminants.

Do they have a waste carriers’ licence?

This is an important question we would recommend asking when booking a biohazard cleaning company if they need to remove any waste or affected items. As part of having this licence, the operator is provided with a card to show they are licensed to transport waste in the correct manner. If dangerous or hazardous waste is not removed and disposed of correctly, this can lead to some serious consequences for those involved. Therefore, it is really important that you use a company that is very experienced in this line of work and can provide the correct documentation to prove they are licensed.

confidential knock


This final concern is one that is always on our client’s mind. When dealing with a biohazard or trauma-related incident, you want to have the peace of mind that your details and the information is held securely. If this is a concern of yours, don’t be afraid to speak with the company you employ to carry out this work to ensure your details and the work is dealt with in a confidential manner.

As part of the General Date Protection Regulations, all of your information should be held securely to comply with this, but organisations should also have their own internal policies that should follow to ensure confidentiality is kept at the forefront of their operations. Our top tip would also be to check out the companies’ website and social media platforms as this can also provide a good insight into how they promote their services and the jobs they complete.

Overall, we understand how daunting this next step can feel. Don't worry. We'll help you through it. If you have any questions, concerns or queries, please feel free to contact our helpline where our professional and trained team will do our best to help or fill out a contact form and a member of the team will reach out to you as soon as possible.